lighting control

Lighting Control

Lighting performs and inspires but it is critical that the right lighting is used at the right time. mySmart uses a range of stand-alone and networked technologies to deliver state of the art lighting control. From task and mood lighting to ambient and even outdoor lighting mySmart design, deliver and optimise lighting control solutions to ensure a comfortable and highly productive environment using the least amount of energy possible.

A leading Building Management Systems Integrator, mySmart are Australia’s largest and most experienced C-Bus commercial systems integrator, a nationally recognized Philips Dynalite Value Added Partner and an internationally awarded KNX Partner. In some cases a stand-alone lighting control solution is all that may be required to deliver significant energy savings. mySmart offers a range of lighting control sensors designed to reduce the amount of energy used for lighting.

Contact us or visit our Case Studies to discover how mySmart can design, deliver, optimise and guarantee a smart lighting control solution for your project today.

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