scheduled maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Many people understand that their car needs a regular scheduled service to replace worn out parts and tune for optimum performance. A high-performance lighting control system has exactly the same requirement.

Over time a programmed maintenance package will pay for itself by ensuring that little or no energy is being wasted and that complaints from occupants are reduced thus reducing the resources allocated to investigating and resolving them.

Additionally a programmed maintenance package should result in greater knowledge of the lighting control system by building managers leading to a potential reduction in on-going operating expenses.

A scheduled maintenance package from mySmart is tailored to the client’s exact requirements and can include the following:

Programmed Maintenance

A programmed maintenance regime aims to ensure that the Lighting Control system is operating correctly in all areas of the building or tenancy. This includes:

  • Head End Software – upgrades to ensure the latest version is being used
  • Network – there are no outages
  • System and Fittings – inspect to ensure no failures

Spare Parts

mySmart will hold a range of agreed spare parts for the installation. Should a component require replacement a licensed electrician may install it and mySmart can attend site or remotely access the installation to complete the required programming.

Onsite Response

At mySmart we realise there are times when an urgent call out is required. Under a programmed maintenance agreement tailored response times can be implemented to address different scenarios depending on their nature.

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