mySmart Team

National Management

Peter Garrett - Managing Director

Peter was one of the original founders of CTI in 2001 and assumed the role of Managing Director. Since then he has played an integral part in the growth and success of the company. In his current role at mySmart, Peter is responsible for ongoing business development, sales generation and overseeing long-term strategy. Peter is also a key industry voice within the energy management and built environment sectors.

Scott Warren - Managing Director

Scott, a co-founder of CTI, oversees the technical, development and operations side of the business. Scott has a wealth of business development and management experience and is responsible for the strategic development of mySmart and its associated businesses including financial control, staff and sales management and marketing.

David Wilson - National Management & Victoria

David joined mySmart in 2003 and is responsible for managing our Victorian business as well as the national hospitality market. Prior to mySmart, David spent 22 years in the commercial computing industry, project managing local and international projects.

Diana Vizard - Marketing Manager

Having joined mySmart in 2015, Diana is responsible for driving strategy and development of our marketing platform. Diana brings with her a wealth of marketing know-how gathered over 20 years from a range of industries spanning media, entertainment to logistics and storage.

Tim Rahn - Manager - Business & Strategy

Tim joined mySmart in 2009. With a background in consultancy for government and the private sector Tim is responsible for strategic direction and implementation of new business opportunities.

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