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About Us

mySmart is an Australian company that prides itself on making a positive difference for its customers, their employees and the environment. mySmart helps to create the most energy and resource-efficient environments possible.

Using the latest technologies with highly trained consultants and service technicians, mySmart is able to optimise buildings and outdoor built environments so they are more comfortable and use less energy and resources with a resulting reduction in ongoing operational costs.

mySmart was originally established as Complete Technology Integrations (CTI), in Sydney in 2001, with a name change in 2011 to mySmartCTI.  Throughout this period and today mySmart remains wholly Australian owned. With over 50 staff it has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and operates across a range of markets, including hospitality, education, health services, aged care, retail, residential, defence and Industrial.

mySmart’s solutions include:

  • Basic and high performance metering and reporting solutions for energy, solar, water and gas usage
  • enGauge behavioural change displays for showing energy usage and savings
  • Hotel systems for controlling HVAC with full integration to the hotel check-in system
  • mySmart Sensors – Stand-alone intelligent motion sensors
  • Lighting control solutions which provide daylight harvesting and timed control
  • Fully integrated building automation systems providing lighting and façade management control, audio-visual interfacing, HVAC control, reporting and central control.
  • Unique custom solutions.

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